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Legal Services


Attorney Bruce M. Broyles understands that this may be your first and only contact with the legal system, and believes that it is important for the client to be kept informed throughout the litigation process. Many of your concerns, fears, and anxieties can be alleviated by understanding the process and knowing what to expect. You can take comfort in knowing that Attorney Broyles has more than twenty years of experience in civil litigation. Here are some of the areas of practice of the Law Office of Bruce M. Broyles: 

Civil Litigation


By definition, Civil Litigation may mean every legal matter not related to a crime or criminal matter. However, Attorney Broyles has decided that certain areas of civil litigation are best handled by attorneys who practice in those fields on a regular basis; Probate, Domestic Relations, and Personal Injury. In all other matters, the Law Office of Bruce M. Broyles has likely had some experience with handling your concern whether it involves a contract, a business, a corporation, a debt, or anything else that may arise.

Foreclosure Defense


A complaint for foreclosure should be treated as serious litigation. Instead, many simply do those things necessary to keep the case moving while the Client negotiates a loan modification. Attorney Broyles believes that better results for the Homeowner occur when the Lender is forced to prove its case, and there are many defenses that are available to Homeowners. 

Landlord - Tenant


The Law Office of Bruce M. Broyles represents both landlords and tenants, and can guide either side through the negotiation of a lease, to a premises dispute, or a forcible entry and detainer action (eviction). There are certain steps that either side must take to preserve their rights and present their claims in court.

Corporate & Commercial Law


The Law Office of Bruce M. Broyles has helped a number of companies incorporate, as well as, prepared the initial filings for Limited Liability Companies. Attorney Broyles has also been involved in a number of lawsuits involving minority shareholder rights, dissolution of corporations, dissolution of partnerships, valuations and buy-out provisions. Attorney Broyles also has experience regarding Debtor Creditor relationships, and collections from both the creditor and the debtor side of the dispute.

Appellate Practice

Attorney Broyles began his career as a staff attorney for the Eleventh District Court of Appeals, and since that time he has filed briefs in many of the 12 Ohio Appellate Districts, the Ohio Supreme Court, and the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Attorney Broyles knows and understands the various Rules of Practice before the Courts, the Standards of Appellate Review, and what is necessary to brief and orally present a winning appellate argument. Complex issues are quickly understood, thoroughly researched, and clearly explained regardless of the area of law involved in the case.​

These are only a few of the many services that The Law Office of Bruce M. Broyles offers. For more information, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Youngstown attorneys, call us or visit our Youngstown areas offices today.​

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