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The law office opened space in Boardman, Ohio; we placed an advertisement in the phone book, and new business cards were printed. The image above is the back of the new business card. This is really a different avenue for the law office. Normally, people talk to one another about legal issues they might have encountered. It comes up in casual conversation. Referrals occur because people seek out an attorney; ask their friends about an attorney or actually know an attorney.

With a Homeowner facing foreclosure it is completely different. Homeowners do not talk about it. Homeowners are afraid, embarrassed, and at their wits end. It does not come up in casual conversation. The last time I checked Mahoning County, Ohio had 796 pending foreclosure cases. Trumbull County, Ohio had a similar number of pending foreclosures. If there are so many pending foreclosures, why is it that individuals do not know that their friends, neighbors, and co-workers are facing foreclosure? In addition, if there are so many pending cases, why are there not more attorneys representing Homeowners?

As a result, it is more difficult to get the information out to Homeowners. Direct mail is one avenue, but I know that many individuals receiving my letter have already received a number of other letters. The majority of those other letters are from attorneys who truly believe the only alternative is Bankruptcy. "If I can fix my situation with my house, I do not need to file bankruptcy" is a comment I have heard on a number of occasions.

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