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The Day After the "Day of Action"

The Occupy Movement announced December 6, 2011 as a Day of Action and determined that the spotlight would be focused on the Foreclosure Crisis facing our nation. Across the United States there were a number of events planned to bring attention to the people facing foreclosure and the families facing the prospect of being removed from their homes. The traditional media outlets ignored these events for the most part, and the bright light apparently grew dim. On December 7, 2011, the Banks were back to business as usual. I arrived at my office and an e-mail was waiting "The Sheriff's Deputies are beating the crap out of my door, help." Not wanting to be the target of any Occupy event on December 6, 2011, the Bank scheduled the "set out" for the following day, December 7, 2011. I do not believe that it would be appropriate to discuss the details of the litigation or the stage of the proceedings. I can tell you that I was involved in negotiating with the Law Firm representing the Bank to reschedule any potential set out. The Law Firm had been on the telephone with it's client the Bank for nearly 30 minutes. The Sheriff's Office had only given us 15 minutes, and while the Judge was willing to cancel the set out, he needed the Bank to agree. The Law Firm did not seem too optimistic that the Bank would agree to cancel the "set out". At that moment, the Law Firm learned that Occupy was about to arrive at my client's house. Suddenly, the Bank agreed and the Sheriff's Deputies left. Victory !! A small one, but a victory no less. This was only a temporary solution and my client still faces an uphill battle in his foreclosure action. Shortly thereafter I was asked to take part in two radio call ins, a newspaper wanted to do a story, and other social media carried the story. Momentarily, I felt as though Homeowners would be informed, learn that there was hope and attorneys willing to help. Now, 15 days later, Christmas is upon us; the traditional media has found other stories to follow; and the talking points that blame the irresponsible Homeowners have returned.

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