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Free Foreclosure Defense Advice Continues

I recently posted my willingness to offer free foreclosure defense advice to anyone who showed up at my office on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m. In reviewing the post again, the message was not clear and the size of the text made it difficult to read, so maybe that is why no one has showed up on the first two Thursdays beginning at 6:00p.m. I will be in my office and will answer any question anyone has regarding the foreclosure complaint and legal process. It seems like most homeowners try to defend the complaint on their own and become confused and/or miss some important step along the way. Homeowners facing foreclosure often wait until the Sheriff's Sale is approaching or after they have received an eviction notice before they contact an attorney. (I am amazed at how many homeowners will send money to a "loan modifciation" company located out of state before they will consult with a local attorney.) I do not believe a Homeowner is adequately equipped to defend the foreclosure on their own, but if the Homeowner is going to attempt to do it on their own, then I can at least be here as a resource. It would seem that there have been so many "Foreclosure Rescue Scams" that homeowners have become wary and refuse to even talk to attorneys. Hopefully, I can help some.

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