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Free Advice to Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Today, I will again be in the office at 6:00 p.m. to answer any question of a Homeowner Defending a Foreclosure complaint. I subscribe to a number of foreclosure websites and blogs, and I receive articles written by very knowledgeable and caring experts. Most of those articles address very technical issues, or discuss the issue on a large national scale. These articles present issues that may exist in a Homeowner's case, but the articles do not provide easy how to information as to how these issues may apply to an individual case. What I am trying to do is explain the process to people going through it the first time. Litigation is complex. Homeowners not only have to deal with the complexity of litigation, they also have to deal with the frightening experience and threat of losing their home. Foreclosure Defense seems to have created a cottage industry for companies and individuals to prey upon the difficult circumstances of these Homeowners. Many Homeowners have be subjected to high pressure, fast talking, "too good to be true" sales pitches. That is why I invite Homeowners Facing Foreclosure to come to my office and I will try to answer your questions. Its FREE.

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