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The Assault on Homeowners Continues

Many Homeowners facing foreclosure sit in silence waiting for the Sheriff to someday knock on their door. Others leave their home when the foreclosure complaint is served upon them. These individuals think that there is no hope; they blame themselves, and assume there is nothing that can be done.

Other Homeowners facing foreclosure contact the various help lines that are plastered on billboards throughout the State. Every now and then I will call the telephone number. I usually get an automated answering service which after a number of prompts disconnects the telephone call. Many of these individuals eventually end up with an agency willing to help the Homeowner complete a loan modification application. These Homeowners are usually asked to complete or update the application so many times that they eventually give up, or the process takes so long that it is impossible to modify the loan.

Another group of Homeowners Facing Foreclosure turn to the internet. There are a number of helpful websites, all of which warn the Homeowner to hire competent counsel. Unfortunately, for every helpful website, there are numerous other websites that are simply not helpful. These websites direct the Homeowner to contact out of State Attorneys; tell the Homeowner how they can obtain free and clear title to their home in six easy steps using a Qualified Written Request (QWR); explain numerous defenses to the Homeowner related to the securization process, the credit swap payments, table funding, or a host of other issues surrounding the loan. These less than helpful websites arm the Homeowner with just enough information to allow the Homeowner to confidently walk into Court; lose the case and their house on a procedural or evidencial issue, and then declare that the system is a fraud.

Now, Homeowners are being told that Attorneys that represent Foreclosure Defendants are really just "Pretender Defenders". Homeowners are told that these attorneys merely delay the inevitable while bilking all the Homeowners' money in fees. Instead, the Homeowner should purchase a Securitization Audit or a Mortgage Calculation Audit/Review. Armed with these "weapons" the Homeowner should find a "personal injury attorney" who is prepared to negotiate a settlement on behalf of the Homeowners. These websites have gone as far as to disparage the name of Attorneys who have won significant cases for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure.

There are many good attorneys in Ohio who are Defending Foreclosures and obtaining Good results for their clients. Homeowners need to retain a competent attorney early in the process, at or before the foreclosure complaint is served. Instead, Homeowners are doing everything but contacting a competent attorney. When the Notice of Sheriff Sale arrives, then Homowners seek counsel. By this time many of their rights have been severely damaged if not lost.

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